Welcome to the website of the UCLU Silverbacks, almost certainly the finest UK University Ultimate Frisbee team to be named for an adult male gorilla. If you’re ever unsure of something to do with the club, be it enquiries about trainings, socials, tournaments, or whatever else, this should be your first resort.

If this website is in some way unsatisfactory, and you remain lost, confused or angry, do not hesitate to get into contact with us via Facebook (if you’ve been added to the page) or by sending us an email at info@uclultimate.co.uk. This is also the address from which you will receive the Weekly Email (which I am contractually obliged to abbreviate as ‘WEmail’), containing updates, reminders, notices and the like.

Reminder: If you want to train or play in any tournaments with us, you must buy club membership on the UCLU website. If you want to play in a regional tournament with us, you need to buy UKU basic membership.

If you’re new to the sport, you should have a look at the World Flying Disc Federation website. It has a good introduction to the game, along with an explanation of the official rules.

Here are some pictures of attractive people who are skilled at throwing plastic circles around a field: